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RF Equipment

Trained to complete a diverse spectrum of services including installations, decommissions, equipment change-outs, equipment upgrades and hot cuts during maintenance windows.  Experienced in DC solutions to ensure all DC power needs are met for long term growth.  All installations meet Telcordia 1275-core standards.

  • new builds
  • DC power plants and feeds
  • batteries
  • racks with isolation
  • single point or multi point grounding
  • RF cabling
  • fiber cabling
  • RF sweeps
  • P.I.M. testing
  • light wave end-to-end testing
  • indoor and outdoor LTE radio systems (RRH/TRDU) with ancillary equipment

System Maintenance

Employing the latest techniques in troubleshooting network problems, from gathering statistical data, to radio calibrations to testing.  Providing end-to-end testing on the back haul network for microwave and fiber.

  • RF system drive testing
  • real-time collection of over-the-air data
  • Competitive analysis
  • BTS calibration and optimization
  • RF line sweeps and P.I.M. testing
  • upgrading cell site components
  • RF Optimization

AUX rack with Router,  Fiber LGX Panel and Power Distribution Panel

Emergency Outage

Expertise and short notice deployment capabilities allow flexible on-call services to handle an array of unexpected or emergency situations.

  • site outages
  • system failures
  • weather related outages

GE Infinity NE Power System