RF and Network Design


A full range of expertise in RF design from issuing search rings, ranking candidates, establishing morphology types, establishing different models based on the cost-231, using collected drive data to help tune models and providing tuned coverage maps with site recommendations.

  • Single cell integration
  • BTS integration
  • Cluster integration

Logistical Solutions


In-house logistical solutions meeting or exceeding requirements and deadlines.  Available and responsive with exceptional follow-up services.

  • equipment tracking
  • inventory and transportation from warehouse to end site
  • multiple vendor supply chains to supplement missing parts
  • in-house inventory of additional supplies to provide the best possible install solutions

Training Opportunities


Continuous and up-to-date training is provided to ensure technical skill, experience and expertise in multiple disciplines to allow for timely and effective solutions in this fast paced industry.

  • certification training
  • in-house training
  • cross training
  • safety training