Cell Site Installation and Maintenance

Services including installations, decommissions, equipment change-outs, equipment upgrades and hot cuts during maintenance windows.

Experienced in DC solutions to ensure all DC power needs are met for long term growth. All installations meet Telcordia 1275-core standards.

  • New builds
  • DC power plants and batteries
  • RF cabling
  • Upgrade cell site equipment
  • Fiber cabling
  • RF sweeps
  • BTS calibration and optimization
  • Indoor and outdoor LTE radio systems¬†(RRH/TRDU) with ancillary equipment

Tower Services

Providing turnkey services for all tower related needs. Delivering in all facets of cell tower maintenance, testing and antenna related processes. Trained in next generation technologies and safety practices.

  • Tower Upgrades & Maintenance
  • Tower Modifications¬†
  • Antenna & Line Installation
  • P.I.M. testing
  • Microwave and radio installation
  • Testing